thoughts on trump related boycotts

Unless you are in it for the long haul, store boycotts are pretty stupid. I see people calling for a boycott of stores because they carry Trump branded products and others who call for a boycott because the stores stopped selling Trump branded products. Both sound like a useless exercise when it could all be very simple. Boycotting the entire store makes no sense…focus your energies people.

For those of you who support Trump products, don’t boycott the stores that pull the brand, just go in and ask for the products and when they say they don’t have them, advise you decided to not purchase anything then and will be going to another store so that you can do all your shopping in one place. Asking for the item and then walking away means a true lost sale to the store and they will take notice. You not coming in at all won’t get noticed for some time (especially when you never shopped there anyway). Of course, this means you actually might want to buy the crap which seems to not be the case when you look at sales figures (no one I know who pushes for a boycott to support Trump actually owns any Trump products, other than maybe that stupid red cap, wonder why that is). If you want to support Ivanka, go to a store that sells her stuff and buy something, sells will keep the stuff in the store, not your sitting on the couch saying you won’t shop at that store – which you probably didn’t do anyway.

For those of you who want Trump stuff out of the stores (for whatever reason), then just don’t buy the crap, buy an alternative product at the store and make sure you tell the store why you chose what you did. Lack of sells will get the products removed (which is why it usually happens, not because of a boycott of the entire store). Your actual purchases with knowledge of why you chose the way you did will drive the store to make changes.


Focus people, focus!

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