AZ Hops and Vines – Imbibe.2

Imbibe.2Popped the cork (actually twisted off the lid) on a bottle of Imbibe.2 from the ladies at Arizona Hops and Vines last night. The label doesn’t indicate the grape used and I couldn’t remember from when we bought it at the winery. It is made from California grapes and my wife and I both thought it was predominantly a zinfandel based wine. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Later investigation revealed that Imbibe.2 is 100% Petite Verdot. They describe the wine as full-figured, and it certainly is. Great body, the right amount of tannin makes this a great wine to pair with a steak (and over 16% ABV).

I also highly recommend that with any visit to the wineries in southern Arizona, you end the day at Arizona Hops and Vines. The wines are great, the people are very friendly and it is a great place to sit outside and relax with a glass. They will make you feel welcome.

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