My Wine Philosophy – Buy Local/Buy Small

LDV 2009 Petite Sirah
LDV 2009 Petite Sirah

We are attending a community social gathering tonight and I had to pick out a bottle of wine to take along. As I was looking through the 60 or so bottle of wine I have here at the house I started thinking of my philosophy when buying wine – buy local and buy small.

When it comes to wine and beer, I am a firm believer in supporting the local wine makers and brewers. I try to keep my major purchases close to home – Arizona (Verde Valley, Sonoita, Willcox) and Southern California (Temecula). That’s doesn’t mean you won’t find a bottle from Napa or France but they are a distinct minority (I prefer Spain for my European wines anyway). Buying local will usually cost more but to me, supporting newer, smaller wineries and the local economy is worth it. I have met many of the winery owners and wine makers and have heard their passion and dreams.

As for what I picked to drink tonight, the honor falls to a 2009 Sky Island Petite Sirah from Lawrence Dunham Vineyards (Cochise County, Pearce, AZ) made by Curt Dunham. It’s made of 76% Petite Sirah and 24% Grenache. Only 95 cases were produced. And I know it will go down very nicely.

Remember support your local winemaker…and beer brewer.


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