Learning to Love Bourbon | Food & Wine

When your family hails from the hills of Kentucky, one might think a love for bourbon would be genetic…and it just might be. While my passion is wine, bourbon was my first love and it can’t be replaced. High-end bourbon now sits in its rightful place along side single-malt scotch. I came across an excellent article by Benjamin Cheever on the Food and Wine website and it reminded me of my first ventures into drinking the “good stuff.” I wanted to share it with you. Read it, then go out to your favorite bar and have a shot of Makers Mark or Bookers.

Now if I can just get more people to try the barrel aged sipping rums.

Spirits: Brown is Beautiful | Learning to Love Bourbon | Food & Wine.

One thought on “Learning to Love Bourbon | Food & Wine”

  1. Thanks for sharing the link. It was a good read. Which reminds me… I was tempted to pick up a bottle of Eagle Rare 17 yesterday ($70). Unfortunately, I had just picked up a bottle of Ardbeg, so my whisk(e)y fund was tapped out. Good thing Christmas is right around the corner! 🙂


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