Salmon Run Coho Red with Tuna and Pasta in Red Sauce

A Friday evening at home with the wife was a good time to try out a pasta recipe idea I have been toying with for a while…pasta in marinara with tuna. The tuna is Italian-style canned tuna packed in olive oil.

I have to tell you, the idea of canned tuna in red sauce was something I was very hesitant about. The reason for my hesitation is my memory of what most canned tuna tastes like (and don’t get me started on that tuna in the bag crap) but I decided to forge ahead with the canned Italian-style tuna and the end result was excellent. The tuna itself tasted like the tuna I ate as a kid 40 some odd years ago, a darker cut of tuna packed in oil with some real tuna flavor.

The recipe is fairly simple. First you need a glass of wine for the cook. Mine was a glass of Barefoot Moscato (sweet and easy to drink while working in the kitchen). Barefoot has almost become our “house wine.”

Once you have your libation, proceed to cook up whatever pasta you have on hand. While the pasta is cooking, drain two cans of Italian or Mediterranean style canned tuna. Crush two or three cloves of garlic and put it in a pan with olive oil and cook it over medium heat. When the garlic is golden, throw in some marinara sauce (homemade or jar), 3 tablespoons of capers, some chopped parsley and chopped basil (dry will do if you have time to let it simmer) and a quarter cup of dry white wine. Just before the pasta is done, break the tuna into chunk and stir it into the sauce. Drain the pasta and mix it into the sauce. Serve with grated parmesan cheese.

With dinner we opened a bottle of Salmon Run Coho Red from the Konstantin D. Frank & Sons Vinifera Wine Cellars (Hammondsport, New York). It has a pleasant aroma with hints of blackberry and distinct flavors blackberry and raspberry with smooth tannins. It held up very well to the red sauce and tuna.

I purchased the Coho Red yesterday when I saw it in the store specifically because of the producer. Dr. Frank’s Winery is one of the few wineries in the Finger Lakes that I haven’t been to but have only heard good things about. Based on this bottle of their red table wine, I will need to make the long trip out there to check out the other wines. The Coho Red could easily become a red staple for everyday drinking here in our house.

Pasta al tonno (Pasta with tuna sauce) on Foodista

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