#Cabernet Day

I had been looking forward to #Cabernet day on Twitter for a few weeks. Cabs are not big around our house as Jamie is not that big into red wines so this was a chance to taste a couple of cabs with my friend Tom and maybe even get my wife to try them.

In the afternoon I went to our local wine and liquor store to pick out a couple of wines. Tom was going to also bring one of his choosing for us all to taste. Between we ended up with three good wines for tasting and then drinking with our dinner.

Tom brought a Cabernet blend from Volteo (2007, Boldegas Rozam, Spain), a blend of 60% Tempranillo and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon. The Volteo is aged in American and French oak an also spends some time in Acacia casks. I have wanted to really get to know the Spanish wines so he choice was a good start.

My contributions were Spellbound (2007, Spellbound Wines, Napa, California), an oak aged Cabernet Sauvignon and “337” (2007, 337 Wine Cellars, Manteca, California), chosen because it comes from the Lodi region (my favorite).

All three wines are in the $15 price range.

The Tasting…

We took our seats on the patio by the pool. We tasted the Volteo first. It was the dark purple color, with good legs and aroma – picking up blackberry. In the mouth, the Volteo had what I would describe as a “middle of the road” feel. The taste was average as well with a short finish. Strictly from the tasting, the Volteo got our lowest scores. Using the Parker scoring system, the Volteo came out at 83.

The second wine was the Spellbound which received high marks across the board. Excellent body, good fruit tastes and an aroma I kept going back for. The only place I felt it fell short was in the finish but this was still a great wine. The scoring came out at a 94.

I held the “337” till last, having heard of the awards it had received and wanting to showcase a Lodi wine. The wine didn’t disappoint, it’s a good wine. It has a nice blackberry flavor and a spicy finish with a beautiful color and a good aroma but once in the mouth, it didn’t match up to the Spellbound.  The score for “337” came out to an 87.

I would gladly serve any of the three to friends without any qualms.

With Dinner…

We decided to try tasting each of the wines again with dinner. Dinner consisted of a pizza with grilled chicken and spicy banana peppers. We figured all three would go well with the pizza but the real surprise came when we tasted the Volteo with the pizza. The wine that got our lowest rating in the straight tasting really shined with dinner. It complemented and held its own with the strong tastes of the peppers. The Spellbound and the “337” both went well with the pizza but Volteo won this aspect of the tasting.

As a way to cap off the #Cabernet celebration, I pulled the cork on a Wellington Sonoma Valley Port (2003, Wellington Vineyards, Glen Ellen, California). A dark ruby color with blackberry flavors, the port was a smooth and silky ending to a great day.

Now to start planning for #Grenache day.

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