shopping at the farmer’s market

Only recently have I discovered the joy of shopping at the local farmer’s market. I admit that I love the ease and convenience of the grocery store but a couple of Saturdays ago; Jamie and I went to our local farmer’s market to check it out. We went to one stall and I picked up a cantaloupe, commenting on how different it was visually from what we had in the grocery store. I put my nose to the stem end to smell for ripeness and was almost knocked over by the beautiful aroma. I was hooked. We ended up going home with that cantaloupe, some heirloom tomatoes, fresh onions, garlic and a bottle of wine.

We went back yesterday to more closely check out the vendors and the vegetables. Many of the farms are organic and have wonderful vegetables and offer some up for tasting, such as tomatoes and peaches. We checked out all the vegetable and fruit stalls and ended up with several treasures to take home

  • Huckins Farm (Hebron, NH) – tomatillos
  • Peacewell Organic Farm (Canterbury, NH) – heirloom tomatoes
  • Lewis Farm (Concord, NH) – cantaloupe
  • Mulberry Ground Farm (Dunbarton, NH) – fresh peaches and a small yellow watermelon
  • Jewell Towne Vineyards (South Hampton, NH) – a bottle Marechal Foch

The tomatillos and tomatoes are for some taco fillings I want to try out but I still had to go to the grocery store for the portabella mushrooms.

I think the farmer’s market will be a routine for our Saturdays for a while but not sure what I will do come winter when I feel the need for fresh vegetables.

Resources/Info: New Hampshire Farmer’s Market Association

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