just jumping in

Over on my other blog, “a monk living in the world,” I posted the following:

“Over the past months I have found myself at wineries in Arizona and New Hampshire, wine-tastings for Spanish wines, farmer’s markets and small cafes with excellent food. And each time I find myself wanting to take notes and photos so that I could share what I was experiencing with others.

For the past few weeks I have been thinking about creating a blog space to concentrate on what has now become a passion for me…wine and simple, rustic food along with the experiences that each brings when you search out the wine and ingredients at the source. I am still not sure how I will proceed. I could just use my current blog and take it into a new direction or I may create a new space for this new passion.

Whichever way I go, the blog will focus on food and drink and the experience of searching out ingredients, trying new ways of cooking and learning from others. The drink part will be mainly wine but also might venture out into the world of beer and maybe even liquor (rum tastings is a possibility). One specific goal I do have is to try to focus on good, inexpensive wine that should be accessible to most everyone. The food will be simple and will look at recipes and ingredients from various parts of the world. And I will share notes and thoughts on restaurants and wineries I find along the way.

Now if could only think of a name…”

Well I now have a name – the zin|zen wilderness: thoughts on wine, food, life

This weekend I will be visiting LaBelle Winery in Amherst, New Hampshire. I have been there twice this summer, each time was a pleasant visit and each resulted in buying wines to bring home. I will let you know my thoughts on Labelle after this next trip.

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