the epilogue

Sipping on The Epilogue, a 2012 Petite Sirah dessert wine (18% ABV) from Lawrence Dunham Vineyards. 100% estate grown in Cochise County, Pearce, Arizona. Aged for 40 months, 50% in new American Minnesota oak barrels and 50% natural oak barrels.  

Road Trip: Chicken on the Run, Yuma, AZ

Stopped in at what proclaims to be “the best chicken in Yuma.” Well I didn’t have the regular chicken, I went with chicken livers with hush puppies and cole slaw on the side. Delicious

Road Trip: Dateland, AZ

When travelling west on Interstate 8, heading for California, a must stop is Dateland, about 60 miles east of Yuma. You can try a date milk shake if you are so inclined but at the very least, try the free date samples.

Roasted Tomatoes with Harissa

Just finished roasting some grape tomatoes with harissa olive olive (and testing a new phone app for posts) WordPress for Windows app.

Martini Wisdom

Some wisdom from the patio in Arizona: Everyone has an opinion on the perfect martini – how dry, dirty or not, favorite gin, olive, lemon twist or cocktail onion, etc. We should just follow the advice of the great Noel Coward (a true man among men), “A perfect martini should be made by filling a…

Steak and Whiskey

Grilled a beautiful T-Bone for dinner and sipped on Beat Single Malt Whiskey (Djinn Spirits, Nashua, NH – batch 1, aged for one year in 15 gallon barrels). Nice smokiness and spice, paired great with a medium rare steak. (Djinn Spirits in the news)

An IPA Thursday Afternoon

Enjoying The Calling IPA (Boulevard Brewing. Kansas City) at the Liquor Factory in Casa Grande, AZ.

Saeculum Cellars Sauvignon Blanc

Enjoying the Arizona winter on the patio with a bottle of Saeculum Cellars Sauvignon Blanc (2013, Rolling View Vineyard, Cochise County, Arizona)

Happy New Year to All

Celebrated New Years Eve with friends for food and drink at a community party then came home early. Celebrated the passing of the year by opening a bottle of WineSmith 2007 Cabernet Franc (14.5% ABV, Winesmith Cellars, Lake County, Sebastopol, CA)

Christmas Bourbon from Flag Hill

A good friend, John Temchack from Labelle Winery in New Hampshire, came to visit for Christmas and brought me a bottle (batch 1, a 6 barrel batch) of bourbon from Flag Hill in Lee, New Hampshire. Flag Hill makes some excellent wines that I have tried in the past. Had a chance to crack it…

Rare Spirits and Wines

Recently discovered (thanks to my most favorite place to “window shop” for old, rare and vintage wine and booze – Finest & Rarest, part of Oxygenee LTD. I say window shop because there is no way in hell I could afford one of these bottles. Maybe someday I will win the lottery but until…